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Information Last Verified with this Establishment: 29/12/2004. Information subject to change and may be inaccurate.
Contact Crab Farm Winery & Vineyard Restaurant to check validity. See terms of use for more details.
breads & soups
rosemary bread with olive oil & garlic dip
'crab farm' bread platter: selection of our freshly baked breads with assorted dips
tuscan spinach & onion soup
chicken & banana soup
warm served asparagus & anchovies topped with a mild curry, celery
& parsnip sauce served with egg filled potato
pasta : our freshly made herbed tagliatelle served with sun-dried tomatoes,
olives, garlic & artichokes sprinkled with grated parmesan
layers of filo pastry, sliced chicken breast & fried cabbage set on a
gingered coriander glaze
pan fried venison liver with mustard cream sauce served with apple &
sultana relish
fish : marinated gurnard fillets served with a timbale of carrot rice set on
a lemon yoghurt sauce
caramelised loin of lamb on a cabernet & paprika sauce accompanied by
potato & garlic cake
bowl of mixed salad leaves tossed in rosemary olive oil & red wine vinaigrette
salad of spinach, mushrooms, red onion & garlic topped with goats cheese
orange & poppyseed roasted vegetables
cheese kapiti cheeses with roasted nuts, fresh fruits, savoury citrus marmalade
& crackers
antipasto platter black forest ham, salami, chorizo, olives, sun- dried
tomatoes, roasted garlic, salad greens, chillied bread, herbed toasts & avocado dip
taste of Indonesia minced pork patties, crab balls, chicken sate, sweet
& sour vegetables, fried rice, serundeng, peanut sauce, chillie dips,
sweet soy sauce & prawn crackers
seafood selection grilled king prawns & scallops, gratinated mussels,
crab cakes, salmon mousse, fish stew, gingered carrot & celery salad,
dips, pastry twists
sundae : vanilla ice cream, fresh fruits, minted grenadine glaze, whipped cream
grape fritters set on anise custard cream served with a fresh fruit & almond salad
coconut & ginger cake on cardamom sauce served with 'gelato toscana' lemon sorbet
chocolate cream pudding & chocolate mousse on honeyed pear glaze served
with tuile wafers
kapiti cheeses with roasted nuts, fresh fruits, savoury citrus marmalade & crackers
all coffees can be served decaffeinated
muffins: chocolate / lemon / raspberry
plunger coffee
$3.00 per person
espresso - short black / long black
cappuccino, mochaccino, flat white
cafe latte / hot chocolate
liqueur coffee (limited selection)
regular tea & herbal teas

Menu items and pricing subject to change, displayed items and pricing should be used as a guide only, contact Crab Farm Winery & Vineyard Restaurant to confirm accuracy, remember to mention Diner.

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