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About the online Diner
Diner.co.nz is a website designed to present the best of New Zealand’s 8,500* Restaurants, Bars and Cafes on the world stage. Diner’s unique ability to present the viewer with relevant, straight-forward eating options is making the Kiwi dining experience much easier.

The motivation

New Zealand's economy is heavily invested and reliant on the tourism industry. In fact, tourism directly and indirectly accounts for 9.7%* of our Gross Domestic Product. As a result of this, Kiwis get approximately 22%* of all their food from a NZ eating establishment. Kiwi house holds are spending more than $125* per week on food, dining out, and takeaways. These food outlets employ 72,000* full and part-time people. These figures are all increasing. The statistics show a growing need for a complete online guide to eating 'kiwi style', a fully-available, one-stop information repository for kiwi's and tourists alike. Hence, Diner.co.nz was born.

* Statistics may not be current and are approximate.

About Visitors

Diner Visitors are typically New Zealanders looking for a good night out, or tourists feeling out an area they are looking to travel to. Diner's usability makes it extremely easy for both these types of visitors to navigate areas of their choice. The tools use of filters makes it easy to quickly establish a small set of potential establishments to visit, that fit within a users requirements.

Diner then provides visitors with more detailed information like cuisine types, special features, the setting, liquor license type, menus, other locations, pictures, payment options and lots more. Returning visitors may then choose to provide feedback about their last visit to an establishment.

About Establishments

Diner’s establishments include all restaurants, café’s, bars, takeaway joints, wineries, night clubs, buffets, basically anywhere you can get something to eat or drink, in the entire country. If a place isn’t in Diner, it’s because we don’t know about it. Please encourage establishments to register in this case. The more information we have, the better the service we can provide.

About Advertising

Diner.co.nz is a business tool and provides professional online advertising. Register your establishment with us today, and you may be elegible for an earlybird discount. First 25 signups of a year or more will receive a 20% discount on the standard package, and no setup fees! Be quick! We can negotiate the terms of any advertising on a case by case basis.

We are available to answer any questions or queries regarding establishment listings at support@diner.co.nz or contact us.

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